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    With chatGPT and other LLMs, a new era of AI has begun. Never before have the leaps been so great, the pace of development so rapid, and the impact on society this noticeable. Now it's time for companies around the world to join the revolution and integrate their own services into AI models and services. And this is where we come into play.

    We build, maintain and host your Plugin for chatGPT.

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  • Selected work

    • Affilitizer


      chatGPT Plugin in for Affilitizer. Enables chatGPT to understand the Performance Marketing Landscape.

    • ad4mat

      ad4mat advanced link Plugin

      ChatGPT Plugin for ad4mat by advanced store. Extends chatGPT by Performance Marketing Trackinglinks for Publisher and Influencer.

      Check out our shared chat as example.

    • Alex Nowak

      YOU 🫵

      Become a customer and get your integration listed here.

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    about AI.

    EnterAI, established in 2023, is your key to seamless integration into the ChatGPT environment. We handle all aspects, from construction to maintenance, as part of our subscription service. With us, you can start to work within 24 hours. Our expertise in developing ChatGPT plugins helps us navigate this intricate field effectively. Choose EnterAI, the partner in your AI journey.

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    To make the entry into the world of AI as simple as possible, we decided to go for a subscription payment model. We create, maintain and even host your AI Integration for a monthly flat fee. Acting fast, will be the key to success. Try, learn and iterate your AI idea without the hazle of single contracts, offers and evaluations.

    Try, learn and iterate. Anytime.

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